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Membership Renewal

You can now renew your membership from the chapter website.Click here to renew your membership.

Obtain your Membership with PMI and Lakeshore Chapter

There are many benefits to joining the Lakeshore chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Joining PMI and the Lakeshore Chapter is easy and can be done online. To join Lakeshore you must also join PMI. To find out how to join go to the PMI web site where you can join online or print the membership application form and mail or fax it in. Remember when you join PMI, please remember to specify "Lakeshore Chapter" as your Chapter choice.

To find out how to join, click here.

Are you an existing PMI member and want to join local Chapter?

1. Go to

2. “Log In” using your “Username” and “Password”

3. Browse to “Membership” and select “Local Chapter”

4. Scroll down and select the chapter you want to join and click “Join”

5. The selected “Chapter” will be added to your cart

6. Pay the applicable dues towards the chapter membership