Chapter Bylaws

Chapter Bylaws

Approved Bylaws

The current bylaws are updated to reflect the name change of the chapter from “The Lakeshore Chapter of the Project Management Institute” to “PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter”. This change was necessary to remove inconsistencies in our legal documentation and PMI Charter. Click here to view the approved Chapter Bylaws.

Revised Bylaws
The PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter Board of Directors worked diligently over the past months to bring the Chapter’s Bylaws in line with all appropriate legislation, both Ontario and PMI.

Why do the Bylaws need to be changed? 

The primary change relates to the term of office for Directors – elections will now be held in September 2019 rather than in March 2019 which will allow the incoming Directors to be involved in the annual Chapter planning process, in line with PMI’s new reporting requirements.

Have the proposed Bylaws been reviewed? 

The Board engaged legal counsel to ensure compliance with all applicable Ontario laws, and PMI had their legal team review for compliance with PMI’s Bylaws. The PMILOC Board of Directors voted to recommend that the Chapter adopt the updated Bylaws and now needs the approval of the members.

Where can I find the Bylaws? 

The Revised Bylaws can be found on the PMILOC Chapter Website, alongside the Current Bylaws – this will allow you to review the current and proposed versions.

How do I vote? 

Within the next two weeks, you will receive an email from PMI with a personal link to the voting site. Good governance of the Chapter is very important, and we need your participation to make it happen. Please spend some time to become familiar with the Chapter’s Bylaws and when you receive your email, take a minute to vote on the revised Bylaws.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]