Operations Organization

Listed below is the Operational Structure of the PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter for the Year 2021.

President: Jennifer Oxley-Weekes, PMP, M.S.P.M., LIMC
Vice President: Beaula Prashanth, PMP, LSSGB
Secretary: Dev Ramcharan, PMP, CSM, CCTC
Treasurer: Pranav Dave, BE, PMP, CSM, ITIL
Board Chair: Roshini Ranjan, PMP

Technology & Communications

Director       Beaula Prashanth, PMP, LSSGB
Portfolio Manager     Vacant
Project Manager Technology  Haroon Qureshi, PMP, ITILV3, SSYB, SFC
Project Manager Website     Todd Brecher
Project Manager E-blast  Shruthi Chandrasekhara
Project Manager Quarterly Newsletter    Mital Patel, B.Eng., PMP
Project Manager Social Media    Nicole Lopez, PMP
Team Lead Website  Prashanthi Prashanth
Team Lead E-blast  Ariestides Rosales, PMP
Team Lead Quarterly Newsletter  Rosana Olaso, PMP, CSM
Team Members E-Blast  Neha Bangar
Social Media Specialists  Eugin Gorgon 
 Ash More, CAPM
Team Members Website    Eluyinka Awoyelu, PMP
 Abida Bapu Aboobacker, PMP, LSSGB
Team Members Newsletter        Romeena de Almeida, PMP

Professional Development

Director  Harinder Pal Singh, PMP, SMC, CPPM, SAFe 5 Agilist, CDPSE
Portfolio Manager   Yomi Odedeyi, PMP, MBA, PhD Leadership & Policy
Program Manager Leadership, Strategic & Business Management Courses  Avinash Jham, PMP, Eng., MSc IB
Program Manager Mentorship Program  Asim Chowdhry, PMP, CSM, MBA
Project Manager Mentorship Program   Karis Flowers, PMP
Mentorship Program Assistant
 Sonia James
Mentors  Sridhar Kethandapatti, PMP
 Raymond Hernandez, PMP
 Mazen Zinbarakji, PMP, CSM, CSP
 Magda Vogel, PMP
 Connie Carr-Ansah, PMP, CSM, CSPO, KMP, PROSCI
 Steven Turner, PMP, CSM
Client Experience Manager  Wayne Ferrell, PMP
Program Manager Education Courses  Brett McAllister, P. Eng., PMP
Project Manager Education Courses   Haley Maillet, MBA, PMP
Program Manager Professional Development (PD) Day/Mentor  Rita Etim, PMP, ITIL
Program Manager Disciplined Agile Enablement  Jill Dakin, PMP, ACP, ICP-ACC
Project Manager DA Marketing & Communication  Hussam Kanaan, BEng, PMP
Project Manager Designer/Webpage Development DA  Kathy Zarrehparvar, BSc, PMP, ITIL
Disciplined Agile Champions  Shawn Pariag, PMP
 Galini Garvrilidou, MASc, MBA, PMP
Program Manager Digital Transformation  Vijayant Mann, PMP, CSM, ITIL V3



Director         Luciano Pelosi, P.Eng., PMP, SMC
Portfolio Manager  Sharon Henry, PMP
Project Manager (Backup) Events  Alexander Mayer, PhD, PMP, ITIL
Project Manager Monday Dinners  Danielle Ashman, PMP
Registration Desk Monday Dinners  Seema Mehta, PMP, ITIL
Project Manager Saturday Workshops  Syed Ashraf, PMP, ITIL, AWS-CSA, CCNA
Speaker Manager  Shradha Singh, PMP
PDU Setup & Submissions  Michael Ajise, MBA, PMP



Director/Treasurer   Pranav Dave, BE, ITIL, CSM, PMP
Portfolio Manager  Sharon Kaur, BA, PMP
 Juan Wang
Project Manager Expenses  Mfon Umah, MSc., BSc., PMP
Project Manager Refunds  Mfon Umah, MSc., BSc., PMP
Project Manager Budget   Mfon Umah, MSc., BSc., PMP
Project Manager Special Projects  Reena Patel, CSM, ITIL, PMP
Project Cost Controller  Joseph Borg
Audit Committee  Pranav Dave, BE, ITIL, CSM, PMP
 Sharon Kaur, BA, PMP
Mfon Umah, MSc., BSc., PMP


Marketing & Outreach

Director  Abiola Lovell, PMP, CM (PROSCI) Certified, MBA
Portfolio Manager  Mohini Watave, CSM
Program Manager Academic Outreach  Syed Farhan Mazhar, Ph.D. Candidate, M.Eng., M.Sc., PMP, Oracle Certified (OCP), A+, ITIL V3
Project Manager Academic/Educational Outreach  Obianuju (Uju) Diru, PMP, MBA
 Sarwar Ansari, PMP, CSM, MIET, MSc Project Management
Brand Management Specialist/Marketing Specialist  Nimalan Manivannan, MBA, MSc Engineering Business Management
Job Portal Support Specialist  Mudassar Khan, M. Eng., PMP
Sponsorship Coordinator
 Melissa Jia, PMP


Member Care

Director  Elizabeth Hartyoon, PMP 
Portfolio Manager  Amitha Bellur Fitkariwala, MS Biotech, PGD-PM
Project Manager KSM Construction  Vikas More, MBA, PMP, LEED GA, GSC, Intern Architect
Member Retension Coordinator  Sakshi Sahni, CSM
 Supriya Thirumalaiah, CSM
Event Host  Sonia James
 Rehan Rafi Khan, PMP, SMC
Member Care Team Member  Lee-Ann Costa, BComm, PMP, CSP-SM

Volunteer Management

Vice President   Beaula Prashanth, PMP, LSSGB
Portfolio Manager  Sheila B Chu Bergeron, PMP, CSM, ITIL, BRMP
Volunteer Engagement Specialist  Julia Atanasova, MD PMP
Volunteer Information Specialist  Gordana Plackoska, P.Eng., PMP 
Rewards & Recognition Committee  Sheila B Chu Bergeron, PMP, CSM, ITIL, BRMP
 Roshini Ranjan, PMP
 Doina Brestoiu, PMP, MBA
 Yomi Odedeyi, PMP, MBA, PhD Leadership & Policy
 Elizabeth Hartyoon, PMP
 Danielle Ashman, PMP
 Venkata Vishnubhotla, P. Eng, PMP
 Connie Carr-Ansah, PMP, DASM, CSM, CSPO, KMP, PROSCI
 Supriya Thirumalaiah, CSM


Projects and Performance Management (PPMO)

President   Jennifer Oxley-Weekes, PMP, M.S.P.M., LIMC
Portfolio Manager  Keith Johnson, PMP
Project Analyst  Swasti Satpathy, MBA, CAPM
Project Control Officer
 Neelam Mehta, PMP, ITIL, CSM
 Mujeeb Ben-Said, PMP
 Nadia Hyder, BSc, M. Management, PMP
 Olamide Osho, PMP


PMIEF Chapter Liaison

PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison Sonia Anjum, PMP, CSM

Governance & Administration

Director  Dev Ramcharan, PMP, CSM, CCTC
Governance Committee  Angelo Baratta, PMP, Committee Chair
 Beaula Prashanth, PMP, LSSGB (Member)
 Alison Munro, B. Math, M.Sc., PMP, ITIL (Member)