Operations Organization

Listed below is the Operational Structure of the PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter for the Year 2020.

Boad Chair: Mohamed Ksaibati, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL

President: Roshini Ranjan, PMP
Senior Vice President/President Elect: Jennifer Oxley-Weekes, PMP

Communications /TECHNOLOGY

Director       Beaula Prashanth, PMP, LSSGB
Portfolio Manager     Puran Malhotra, PMP, ITIL
Project Manager IT Infrastructure  Haroon Aroon Qureshi, PMP, ITILV3
Project Manager Website     Kaoutar Kaab
Project Manager E-blast  Veena Mohan, PMP, LSSWB
Project Manager Quarlertly Newsletter    Mital Patel, B.Eng., PMP
Project Manager Social Media    Todd Brecher
Team Lead Website  Prashanthi Prashanth
Team Lead E-blast  Ariestides Rosales, PMP
Team Lead Quarlertly Newsletter  Rosana Olaso, PMP, CSM
Team Lead Social Media   John-Paul Requejo, MBA, PMP
Team Members E-Blast  Shruthi Chandrasekhara
 Neha Bangar
 Pranav Vashi, PMP
Team Members Social Media   Ramona Verma, MSc, MBA, P.Geo
Team Members Website    Eluyinka Awoyelu, PMP
Team Members Newsletter        Romeena de Almeida, PMP


Professional Development

Director   Shawn Pariag, BSc Comp. Sci., CTDP, PMP, CSM, EBAS
Portfolio Manager   Vacant
Program Manager Mentorship  Asim Chowdhry, PMP, CSM
Assistant to Mentorship Program   Karis Flowers, PMP
Mentors           Sridhar Kethandapatti, PMP
 Raymond Hernandez, PMP
 Mazen Zinbarakji, PMP, CSM, CSP
 Magda Vogel, PMP
Client Experience Manager  Wayne Ferrell, PMP
Program Manager Education Courses   Brett McAllister, P. Eng., PMP
Associate Program Manager - Educational Courses  Melicia Grant, PMP, CSM
Social Good Project Manager
 Ana Milena Rebelion, PMP
Co Project Manager - Professional                     
Development (PD) Day
 Adeniyi Talabi, PMP, PBA
 Daphne Vaz, PMP
Team Members PD Day       Maria Dasilva, PMP, ITIL
 Kamal Mirza, PE, PMP, PMI-RMP
 Abeeha Sanai, Sehar Seikhe, PMP
 Rita Etim, PMP, ITIL
 Gary Elmido, PMP
 Austin Okafor



Director         Mihaela Duceag, PMP, PMI-ACP, CDA, CM (PROSCI) Certified
Operations Portfolio Manager  Fatima Hassim, BAA, PMP, CTDP
Portfolio Manager   Guillermo Fernandez Vangrieken, PMP
Project Manager Monday Events   Danielle Ashman, PMP
Project Manager Saturday Events   Syed Ashraf, PMP, ITIL, AWS-CSA, CCNA
Speaker Management    Luciano Pelosi, P.Eng., PMP
Event Marketing Manager   Nader Sadek, PMP
Technical Project Manager   Abdul Waheed Shaikh, PMP, ITIL, ASM, SAMC, SMC, SPOC, SSMC, SSPOC, SDC, ESMC, STC, SCAC
PDU Delivery Support  Doina Brestoiu, PMP, MBA
Registration Desk - Monday  Neelam Mehta, PMP, ITIL, Seema Mehta, PMP, ITIL
Registration Desk - Saturday    Karen MacGougan, MLIS, PMP, ITIL
Event Volunteers  Nadeem M. Shaikh, PMP



Director/Treasurer   Galini Garvrilidou, MASc, MBA, PMP
Portfolio Manager  Vacant
 Irina Denissova
Project Manager Expenses   Mfon Umah, MSc, BSc, PMP
Project Manager Refunds    Sharon Kaur, BA, PMP
Project Manager Budget   Adriana Bekteshi, MBA, PMP
Special Finance Projects  Wassim Abdelmalik, MBA, PMP
SharePoint Support  Reena Patel, CSM, ITIL, PMP
Audit Committee  Vacant



Director  Abiola Lovell, PMP, CM (PROSCI) Certified, MBA
Portfolio Manager Marketing, Outreach   Simi Ahluwalia, PMP, Cert. APM
Program Manager Community, Outreach   Lou Boccia, PMP
Program Manager Educational, Outreach  Vacant
Program Manager Corporate, Outreach  David Ramnarine, PMP
Program Manager Corporate, Sponsorship  Vacant
Team Members   Shaila Aranha, PMP
Azam Mohammed
ohamed Taha


Member CARE

Director    Vikas More, MBA, PMP, LEED GA
Portfolio Manager  Vacant
Program Manager & Presenter  Vacant
Logistics Coordinator   Ahmed Fouad Sedky, PMP
Facilities Coordinator  Vacant  
Event Host     Jide Adekunle, PMP



Senior Vice President   Jennifer Oxley-Weekes, PMP
Portfolio Manager  Vacant
Project Manager  Rafeef Atout, PMP
Team Members         Nikesh Amit
 Karolina Dworzak


Projects and Performance Management (PPMO)

Senior Vice President   Roshini Ranjan, PMP
Portfolio Manager  Ripley McIntosh, MBA, PMP
Team Members    Keith Johnson, PMP
 Shawn Lin, P.Eng, PMP
 Zara Brown, PMP



Director  Alison Munro, B. Math, M.Sc., PMP
Audit Committee  AngeloBaratta, PMP, Chair
 Beaula Prashanth, PMP, LSSGB (Member)
 Shiamala Paramasivam, PMP, SMC (Member)
Team Member  Tammy Cao, PMP