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Risk Management – A Submariner’s High Risk Perspective (C193-200810-PD-1HWEB)


August 10, 2020 | 7:00 PM EDT - 8:00 PM EDT
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Risk Management – A Submariner’s High Risk Perspective

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August 10, 2020 7:00 - 8:00 PM, MONDAY MEETING AGENDA


Projects and businesses are heavily intertwined. For the PM, operations are primarily an exercise in risk management. A never-ending daily cycle of Cost – Benefit Analysis, risk analysis and risk mitigation. Whilst primary method for managing risks remain the decision-making abilities of the PM, the secondary and often under-utilized methods comprise of OPA and EEF. These can be in various forms – processes, Standard Operating Procedures or training. The larger question is – what exactly is ‘organization’ everyone refers to, in these situations? Is organization a vague ether in which everything exists, or can it be clearly visualized? If so, what and who determines it? Are daily briefings necessary? How can the organizational vision be effectively communicated? How can the efficacy of such communications be measured? What differentiates knowledge, skill, qualification, certification and experience? What is instinctive decision-making and can it be developed? How can this translate to the PM being right sometimes, most of the times or every time? What should qualifications indicate to the PM? How should experience be translated into OPA in these VUCA days? What are training costs? What should a leader do, when faced with inevitable change and equally inevitable resistance (what I call the ‘Overall’ Dilemma)?

An understanding of these concepts can be effective in exploiting OPA and EEF as a force-multiplier to the expert judgement and decision-making skills of the PM.

Learning Objectives:
The audience can benefit from the practical applications and interpretations of these theoretical concepts.

  • PMs can conceptualize and institutionalize measures to back-up their expert judgement.
  • PMs can improve decision-making skills in VUCA and high-stress situations.
  • What are the factors that help PMs move from being right sometimes to most of the times?
  • Share lessons learned in leadership and decision making to mitigate risks in high stress situations.
  • Relevance for PMs managing high-technology high-risk projects in unpredictable small business environment, especially in developing & managing teams.
                                                              SPEAKER - CAPTAIN NIKHIL UDAY VIDWANS

    My varied industry exposure can perhaps be aptly described as - Submariner by passion, people person by experience and finance professional by training! I create value by building trust!

    Submarines taught me a lot - decision making under stress, remaining calm in life & death situations, team performance, risk management, risk mitigation, determination and laser sharp focus. I am also a published author on risk management, training and operations. Experiences that I would love to share as positive stories in these rather hard times!

    Lifelong learner, my PMP® qualifications helped me develop Project Management skills and administrate complex projects like inducting new submarine classes, crew training, process & large team integration, cost management, risk evaluation and risk mitigation. Six Sigma Black Belt helps me in process analysis and optimization using Predictive/Agile methodologies.

    My exposure to business studies at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, professional certification in Capital Markets from New York Institute of Finance and ongoing MBA with Finance/ Business Analysis concentration teach me to effectively enhance value, integrate and motivate teams. Enhanced profitability is not the focus, it is the result!

    I identify with people trying to fighting to leave their children in a better place than they started. As my small contribution, I volunteer as a Leadership Mentor at University of Illinois and intend working you all fine people on project management, finance or risk management.


Monday August 10, 2020


7:00 - 8:00 P.M.


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C193-200810-PD-1HWEB (Technical - 1 PDUs, Activity Type: Organization Meetings can be claimed for attending this presentation).


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