There are many benefits to joining the Lakeshore Ontario Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Joining PMI and the Lakeshore Ontario Chapter is easy and can be done online. To join Lakeshore Ontario Chapter, you must also join PMI.

Lakeshore Ontario Chapter is composed of members from a variety of functions and industries. Here are just some of the areas represented by our members:

  • Program / Project Management
  • Consultants
  • IT Executives
  • Telecommunication Executives
  • Time managers / Planners
  • Engineers
  • Quality Assurance and Management Specialists
  • Financial Analysts / Executives and Corporate Managers


Membership cost

PMI Individual Membership is open to anyone. If you would like to join or renew your PMI and Lakeshore Ontario Chapter membership, please do so electronically through the following link:


Remember when you join PMI, please remember to specify "Lakeshore Ontario Chapter" as your Chapter choice.

PMI Member Fees - US$129 to join (plus US$10 application fee) & US$129 to renew.

Add $25.00 to be a part of the PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter.

Are you an existing PMI member and want to join local Chapter?

1. Go to

2. “Log In” using your “Username” and “Password”

3. Browse to “Membership” and select “Local Chapter”. The PMI Local Chapter closest to your Residence Area Code will be displayed by default. Select "Join Chapter" to join.

4. If you want to join another chapter, type in the chapter name in the search option against "Find another chapter" and select "Join Chapter" to join.

5. The selected “Chapter” will be added to your cart

6. Pay the applicable dues towards the chapter membership

Lakeshore chapter Communications

Since the launch of the chapter website in early 2001, communication on chapter events and news has switched to electronic channels (i.e. email and web). Because of the exclusive use of email for communication, such as e-blast notifications, it is important for you to keep your email address up to date with the PMI Global. To update your PMI Membership Profile, click here.

To sign on to PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter e-blast, go to page and use "Sign Up for Our Newsletter" option and provide your email address.

Please provide your feedback, as that drives future event planning for the Chapter.