PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter Board of Directors Elections

Election Process Overview

The PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter will be conducting elections for 1 position to the 2021/2022 Board of Directors. The position is the Director of Technology and Communications for the Chapter, specifically. 

This role is to support the strategic direction and provide leadership to the technology and communications team of volunteers, ensuring that our members and volunteers can have access to relevant information in a timely fashion including acquisition of technology, support/maintenance of technology, data analytics, technology governance and member communication through various communication channels. The objective of the role in conjunction with the Portfolio Manager is to maximize chapter exposure, driving membership growth and retention.

Below is a description of the Director Technology and Communications Role:

  • Manage all chapter technology initiatives.
  • Provide administrative support for chapter technologies.
  • Provide vendor management of technology.
  • Be familiar with all aspects of operational technologies in place and be able to provide backup administrative support.
  • Provide regular status updates to chapter leaders.
  • Communicate service level agreements (SLAs) for issue/request intake process.
  • Maintain inventory of technologies in place, including administrative access information.
  • Ensure compliance with all software/subscription licenses that are acquired.
  • Ensure backups and ensure proper archiving occurs within the infrastructure.
  • Maintain the process and methods for access rights for chapter systems.
  • Disseminate information both to and from the chapter in a timely manner.
  • Define and regularly update chapter communication strategy, policies, goals and objectives.
  • Maintain a communications schedule that details all chapter communications across all channels.
  • Supervise and support all communication channel activities of the chapter.
  • Work with the Marketing Director to ensure that chapters’ brand is understood and leveraged in communication plans.
  • Lead the development, production and release of all chapter newsletters and communications.
  • Collaborate with various teams on website content update and event postings.
  • Coordinate and distribute chapter event information to membership in a timely manner.
  • Develop and maintain the chapter’s social media strategy and social media policy.
  • Manage, recruit and onboard internal and external technology team members and ensure the technology team is providing timely responses to support requests.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other chapter board members, portfolios and volunteers where needed.

Serving on the Chapter Board provides you with an excellent opportunity to participate in the strategic planning and execution activities that are crucial to the successful operation and growth of our Chapter. Serving on the Board will provide a maximum of 25 PDUs under the giving back category in a 3-year cycle for Directors that have achieved their PMP certification. In addition, it is an excellent differentiator on one's resume, and provides an ideal opportunity to volunteer within your profession.

Candidates Qualification Criteria

The following is the minimum qualification requirement:

  • Should have PMI membership for at least 2 years, and being a member of the PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter for at least 1 year would be an asset.
  • It is preferred that candidates have past volunteer experience in a leadership position within the last twelve months. Leadership positions include (Portfolio Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinators,  Team Leads, Committee Liaisons, or prior board roles).
  • Candidate should not be an ATP Instructor.
  • Preferably have any of the PMI designations (PMP, PgMP, etc.).
  • Must have excellent team leadership skills and must be an excellent team player.
  • Must be able to contribute approximately 20 – 25 Hrs./Month for chapter’s activities.

Online Voting

The Chapter membership has approved the use of a PMI Global web-based online voting service for conducting Chapter elections. This capability provides voting access to the entire membership of the Chapter. The results of the elections will be communicated via an e-mail announcement to all members and will also be formally announced to the attending membership at the next dinner meeting immediately following the close of elections.

The election committee is being managed by the Nomination Committee with the current Goverance Director, Dev Ramcharan, PMP, CSM, CCTC acting as the Board Liaison.

The schedule for this election is as follows:




Feb. 23, 2021 at 9:00 AM 


March 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM


Anyone interested in running for the role of Director of Technology and Communications MUST submit their completed nomination forms and all required information by March 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM.

March 17, 2021 

Candidate Orientation

Candidates must attend the mandatory virtual orientation session.  

March 18 to March 28, 2021

Campaign Period

Due to the COVID-19 limitations, and the Chapter’s decision to continue all activities virtually for the rest of 2021, selected candidates are encouraged to submit a short 2-minute video overview of their credentials and the value they feel they can contribute to the Chapter.  This will be posted on the Chapter website for the period of the nominations. 

March 29, 2021 at 5:00 PM

Voting Opens

Online polls open.

April 9, 2021 at 11:00 P.M.

Voting Closes

Online polls close.

April 12, 2021


Voting results will be communicated via an e-mail announcement to the membership. If fewer than 25 eligible voters submit a completed ballot, the membership will be informed that a re-vote for the position will be necessary. The Position will be awarded based on the highest vote received. If a position cannot be awarded due to a tie, then the membership will be advised that a re-vote is required for the position that could not be awarded due to a tie. Only those candidates then competing for the position will be on the ballot. 

 TBD, as required

Special Meeting

If there is a tie for the position a Special Meeting will be called, and the attending members will re-vote until the tie is broken.

Candidate Instructions

If you wish to run for this available Director position, please follow these instructions:

  1. Copy and paste the nomination form (below) including your bio into an e-mail message. Attach a high-resolution headshot (400K or more) if you would like to include your picture with your bio.
  2. Complete the top portion of the Nomination form including the name and email of your 2 nomination members.
  3. Complete the bottom portion of the Nomination with your name, email and bio.
  4. Email the form, your current resume and the attached picture to the Returning Officer at [email protected] and cc both nominating members. 
  5. You are required to have two PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter members support your candidacy. Instruct your two nominating members that upon receiving the email, they must provide confirmation of receipt by forwarding the same e-mail to the Returning Officer using the same [email protected] e-mail address by the Nominations Closing date. 
  6. In case you are new to the Chapter and do not have two Chapter members that will support your candidacy, please indicate this in the form submission and you will be contacted by the Returning Officer.
  7. Anyone interested in running for the vacant Director position MUST submit their completed nomination forms AND the support emails to the Election Committee by the Nomination Closing date.
  8. If you require further information please send an e-mail message to [email protected]. Please visit the 2021 PMI Lakeshore Chapter Elections - Candidates Page beginning March 18, 2021, to learn more about the nominees.
  9. At the chapter level and also at the PMI Board of Directors level, candidates running for a position may communicate on a one-on-one basis with individuals about their experience and qualifications. However, no mass communications  should be sent or posted on the web from any person (candidate or other) about the election, unless they are official communications from the nominating committee, or a chapter designated body.

Nomination Form

We, the undersigned, being members in good standing of the PMI Lakeshore Chapter, hereby nominate for the position of Director.

  • Nominating Member 1 Name:

Nominating Member 1 E-mail Address:
Nominating Member 1  PMI Membership #:

  • Nominating Member 2 Name:

Nominating Member 2 E-mail Address:
Nominating Member 2 PMI Membership #:

I hereby accept this nomination. I am a member in good standing of the PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter.

  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate E-mail Address:
  • Candidate PMI Membership #:
  • Candidate Phone Number:
  • Date:

In addition to the Nomination and Evaluation Form found here, please submit your BIO in Word format with a maximum of 250 words (extra words will be truncated) and include the following information.

Confidentiality and Records Compliance Agreement
Guidelines for the Conduct of PMI Global Operations Centre GOC Volunteers
PMI Lakeshore Team Norms & Code of Conduct and Team Norms - Form

1. Education and professional qualifications
2. Number of years as a PMI Member.
3. Number of years as a Lakeshore Ontario Chapter Member.
4. Number of years as a Lakeshore Ontario Chapter Volunteer and the positions held.
5. Contribution as a Lakeshore Ontario Chapter Volunteer.
6. Contribution as a Volunteer elsewhere.
7. Any other information such as employment history or other professional or personal details.

Board Elections and Officer Selection Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
Interested in becoming a Chapter Director? You probably have some questions such as:

1. What kind of commitment will this involve?
Chapter Directors are expected to be actively involved and visibly present at a variety of chapter events as they relate to their duties. A Director can expect to spend up to 20 hours a month on their duties, and it varies with the role. As a Director, you may have one or more teams that report to you and there will be additional meetings to manage teams and projects. Directors must attend monthly Board meetings (1.5 to 2 hours) that may be virtual or in-person, a monthly operations meeting (virtual or in-person), the annual planning meeting (1 to 2 days) and an annual Director meeting (half day).

Directors are also encouraged to attend as many monthly events as possible – Monday Dinner meetings, Saturday Workshops, etc.  

2. What are the benefits of serving as a Director?
As a Chapter Director, you will have an opportunity to develop your own management, leadership and project management skills. The Chapter provides leadership development opportunities for its Directors, which may include attending regional conference events and PMI Global Leadership Institute Meetings (LIM). Being Director provides you with great networking opportunities and earn PDUs for volunteering and attending Leadership courses.

3. I'm interested in being considered for an elected Director role, what's the next step? 
First, take the time to read through the position's roles and responsibilities.
Second, check your eligibility by checking out the minimum qualification requirement found on the PMILOC Website.
Contact one of the current Directors or Officers and learn more from them. 

If you are ready to take the next step, then please contact the Nominations Committee Chair at [email protected] for more details.