2017 - Spring Update

I am honored and humbled to serve as the President of the Project Management Institute Lakeshore Ontario Chapter (PMILOC) and to work with a great team of Board Directors.  Our chapter was established back in 1999 and has grown to over 2500 members and counting!

In 2017/2018, our chapter is planning for more exciting events, professional development opportunities and volunteer opportunities that we have ever had in the history of the chapter. You’ve given us your feedback and we’ve listened! We will now have networking and professional development events on different days of the week on a regular basis. We will also have these events geographically distributed over the east end, central and west end to ensure maximum accessibility and convenience to our members. Additionally, we increased the number and variety of courses available for you.  Moreover, we enhanced the mentorship program and the volunteer portfolio and much more!

I would like to thank all our members for being part of PMILOC and I would like to invite them all to be our Chapter Evangelists. There are many individuals around us practicing project management that would greatly benefit from being informed about our chapter and guided on how to join it to fully enjoy the advantages of belonging to a great community of like-minded distinguished professionals.

I would like to thank each and every one of our volunteers for their valued time and services. The commitment and dedication they contribute continue to shape the PMILOC. We should all be proud that our chapter is 100% volunteer-run. The success and growth of this chapter is only possible thanks to their involvement and hard work.

I look forward to continuing to serve this chapter shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of you.

Michael Ghobros, P.Eng, PMP

President (2017 - 2018)

Project Management Institute Lakeshore Ontario Chapter