What is the Mentoring Program About?

Since 2009 PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter has successfully delivered a "Mentorship Program" to its members. Since its launch, it has evolved and matured into a program that supports a target population of both PMP professionals and non PMP professionals. It also meets the new requirements of the stakeholders - you the members.

The revised Mentoring Program is intended to go beyond just answering the occasional questions or providing some ad hoc help. A major deliverable will be the reassurance that both the Mentor and Mentee build the ongoing relationship of learning, continuous dialog and challenge. Most of all both the mentors and mentees experience benefits.

  • Project Management: Focus on project management skills and traits required to become a more effective project manager.

  • Career Development Mentorship: Focus on how you can plan for the next step in your career and hitting your future goals.

  • Leadership: Focus on leadership skills, such as, holding high-stakes conversation, developing influence skills, establishing trust-based relationships.

Mentor/Mentee Responsibilities

If you register as a Mentor, you will leverage your own experience in project management within your specific industry or share your career development experiences to guide others in similar industries or those considering career transition. Over a period of four to five months the investment of your time and support to assist Mentees in discovering and developing their talents in project management is what separates you as a mentor from the average network contact.

As a Mentee you will take the lead in your personal and career development by sharing in the lessons learned from a more experienced project management role model in your field. As you work your way through a journey of self-discovery, you will make your own determination whether the experiences of others will work for you.

Fundamental to the success of the mentoring program is a common understanding of the expectations each participant has. However difficult it may be, Mentors and Mentees should discuss their personal expectations, set the ground rules, and develop a clear and realistic set of expectations. These tasks should be completed at the first meeting.

Benefits and Testimonials

There are numerous benefits of participating in the mentorship program. Some of the benefits may include (not limited to):

  • Satisfaction of helping someone reach their professional goals

  • Recognition at work for participation in a job-related activity

  • An expanded network of professional colleagues

  • Recognition for service to the community

  • Increased self-esteem, self- confidence and affirmation of professional competence

  • Advice on how to balance work and other responsibilities and set priorities

  • Get PDUs

  • Networking

Note:  Up to 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs) are available for Project Managers training hours upon full completion of the program.

Here are some testimonials from members who have participated in the past:

The Mentorship Program continues to satisfy it’s mandate as evidenced by these testimonials and the happy faces of this semester’s participants.

Be part of the upcoming session and benefit for yourself!! 


  • Fantastic experience! Great mentors and a great group of people to share experiences with. Looking forward to participating in the 2018 session.

  • Helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses.

  • As a mentor, the program allows me to share my experiences with others, as well as, receive valuable insights from their experiences. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the program is the deep personal and professional network of leaders that is gained. There is always someone to answer your question, offer you an encouraging thought, or work through a tough situation.

  • Extremely enjoyable and professional experience. 

"I was a mentor but believe I did learn from my mentee as much as he learned from me. In this experience, all parties learn something from each other and that will help us grow our experience."

"The most important aspect of the program to me is knowledge transfer and growing my experience and knowledge base in dealing with people and find out what is a real concern to them and help them to find answers and solve their issues."

"The program is great and I always try to inform people about it."

"The mentoring program participants were great to get to know and share their experiences. All very professional and cooperative. Glad to work with the program leaders as well."

Cost and Location

The cost is $50 for all PMI Lakeshore Ontraio Chapter Members. Location, time, date & other details will be provided close to start of the session to those who have registered.

Mentoring Inquiries

If you have any mentoring related queries, please direct your queries to mentoring@pmiloc.org.

Registration Information

Registration for 2018 Spring Session is now open, follow the link for registration